Workflow is a simple library that allows you to manage lightweight workflows/state machines, and easily add this logic to business objects you already use.

It supports both python 2 and 3, and does not assume you use any framework. In the future, we may include a light adapter for the most popular frameworks, but the code should be very trivial.

By design choice, the library does not enforce the validity of objects. If you want to set an invalid state on an object, you will be allowed to do so. That’s a tradeoff that makes the library more flexible, at the price of less data interity (in the plans: add a «strict» mode).


from edgy.workflow import Workflow, Transition, StatefulObject

# Define transitions
@Transition(source='new', target='accepted')
def accept(self, subject):
    print('accepting {} using {}...'.format(subject, self))

@Transition(source='new', target='refused')
def refuse(self, subject):
    print('refusing {} using {}...'.format(subject, self))

# Create a workflow object
workflow = Workflow()

# Create a stateful object
class Issue(StatefulObject):
    initial_state = 'new'
    workflow = workflow

# Play with your newly workflow-enabled object.
iss42 = Issue()

iss43 = Issue()

iss44 = Issue(state='invalid')

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